Claims administration
Assisting in the administration of property, vehicles, cargo and other insurance claims.
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Restorative repair
We carry out comprehensively repair works of damaged property.
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Specialized cleaning
We sweep your property damaged by fire, water and paints.
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Handyman services
Small faults are removed immediately or accident place is being localized.
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REMEKS Assistance
We help prevent damage and growth of loss.
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  • Claims administration
  • Restorative repair
  • Specialized cleaning
  • Handyman services
  • REMEKS Assistance

REMEKS draudimo žalų reguliavimo, skubaus remonto ir specializuoto valymo įmonių grupė. Savo klientams siūlome tik kokybiškas paslaugas su garantija. Veiklos procesai dokumentuoti pagal LST EN ISO 9001. Veikla apdrausta civilinės atsakomybės draudimu. Centralizuota teikiamų paslaugų kontrolė. Visą parą 24/7 veikiantis skambučių centras. Dirbame visoje Lietuvoje ir Latvijoje. Kontaktai >>

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REMEKS is service group in Lithuania and Latvia of claims administration and emergency repair works. We cooperate with insurance companies, banks and health and trade networks. We provide an integrated assistance for the preservation of the value of your assets.


All specialists of the team have many years of experience in their field. Project managers are certified in the fields of property valuation, construction, engineering systems and automation. Regular updating of knowledge guarantees the highest professionalism.


Processes are documented according to LST EN ISO 9001. The activities are covered by civil liability insurance. Centralized control of the services provided. Operative information about problems and implemented work. Call center which operates the whole day, 24/7.
Years of experience